The Museum of Feelings has visitors invokes museumgoers' emotions through Glade-curated smells, making each individual journey its own piece of art

The Museum of Feelings brings emotions to life. Visitors will engage by the museum through the use of fragrances meant to elicit the following moods/states of being: Optimism, Calm, Invigorated, Exhilarated and Joyful. The fragrances in the museum are curated by Glade, a company widely known for battling some of the toughest smells found in homes (and elsewhere).

But instead of battling or hiding smells, Glade will bring them to visitors who will then create interactive art from how they feel. Glade has created smells which will associate with each of these above moods/states of being. Smell will not remain the sole sense visitors deal with, though. Visitors are expected to react using their hands to bring out the feelings they have, and also convey it emotionally through what they see.

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