Oculus' VR goes social, allowing those encapsulated in another world to be able to communicate with one another

Virtual reality is the tech talk of the moment. And as Oculus Rift is owned by no other than Facebook, its move into social media was inevitable. Now the VR giant has launched an alpha version of the Oculus social platform creating a lifelike digital world where users can connect.

Debuting on the Samsung Gear VR, the new app named Oculus Social alpha enables people to take part in many a futuristic task such as create an online identity via selecting a particular avatar (these look like emoji-style heads) and also share their virtual spaces. The most interesting feature however is how wearers can interact with each other all while confined to a visor encapsulating their face. What's incredible is as the real-life users talk, nod or turn their heads, so do their avatars.

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