A recent collaboration between The Good Mod and Airbnb points at a growing trend in office design for the laptop-wielding workforce

Workspace design has long accommodated sitting in one place, uncomfortably, for long periods of time. On top of research that suggests how being sedentary for eight hours a day might eventually kill you, being forced to do your job from a single spot while working on a laptop simply doesn't make sense when the machine is, you know, portable.

This was the premise of a collaboration last year between Airnb and The Good Mod, a Portland, Oregon-based design firm that was commissioned to build office furniture with not only the stressful setting of a new call center in mind, but for a workspace in which the majority of the staff would be using laptops. The latter works hand-in-hand with the growing open floor plan trend, as workers with movable machines can now roam freely throughout offices. But workplace furniture, even with the new freedoms provided by sofas and chairs and a lack of designated areas for employees, hasn't necessarily caught up with the needs of mobile work devices and how people tend to use them at the office.

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