The beauty mega brand gets a phygital makeover via its concept store in San Francisco

Major brands at the top of their game know that to stay ahead of competitors, and ensure consumers still have reason to step in their store, their physical space needs to be seamlessly integrated with digital concepts. Sephora is now one of these brands as it launches a youth-focused retail model that the YouTube generation is sure to go crazy over.

The French cosmetics chain recently opened up shop in San Francisco where visitors are able to interact with an array of phygital treats. Within the store, there are designated stations called the Beauty Workshop. These spaces stream YouTube how-to videos ensuring shoppers feel inspired. Meanwhile up to 12 visitors can sit down with Sephora’s glam squad for a workshop-style session where they learn about beauty tips and trial out new products. There’s also a digital Beauty Board, where the latest user-generated beauty trends and looks are presented on a shoppable screen. Sephora fans can get involved and be featured on screen by sharing their own beauty routines and accompanying products. And if that’s not enough, Sephora is catering to all backgrounds via the People Like Me search tool which filters the content to unveil particular skin tones and hair textures.

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