The Transportation Security Administration is testing new security checkpoints: Qylatron is a five-cell set of lockers that should make the screening process more efficient

Do you dread the TSA's conveyor belt security check every time you go to the airport? Fighting for plastic gray bins, or worse, anxiously glancing back to make sure no one is stealing your favorite boots. Luckily the Transportation Security Administration's R&D lab is testing a potential alternative: Qylatron is a locker system for airport security from Qylur that sounds like much less of headache.

You walk up, scan your ticket, snap your carry-on into a locker, walk through, and retrieve your bag on the other side. The Qylatron uses a combination of X-rays, machine learning and radiation/chemical screenings to identify objects in luggage. The software can be updated to detect new threats. The machine will alert a security officer when it senses a potential problem; otherwise, you'll be able to unlock your locker and carry off your bag on the other side.

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