Pair Up Your Holiday Gifts With a Video Message

Pair Up Your Holiday Gifts With a Video Message

Vift links any gifts sent via mail to a video message that is shared once a package is opened

Leo Lutero
  • 2 november 2015

Vift will make sure your Christmas gifts will be opened alongside a video greeting card. The new service launching today matches parcels with a private video that can only be viewed once the gift is received and ready to be opened.


The service, which launches today, works with Fedex, UPS and USPS. To use, just record a message, upload it to the Vift website and key in the tracking number of the package it’s supposed to go with. Once the courier tags your package as delivered and received, the recipient will get a link to your video message via SMS or e-mail. Through the link, they can watch your video message while unpacking the gift.


At launch, the service will cost $1.99 per video. Aside from letting generous people personalize their online buys, the creators of Vift think that the service will let online retailers market their products and gain more customers. For example, sellers can use the service to send video set-up instructions to their shoppers.

Vift has previously only been available through a handful of sellers but the service will operate through its own website starting today.

Jon Loew, CEO of KeepTree adds:

We’re excited that this new standalone site will allow us to touch more consumers and be a bigger part of their holiday gift-giving experience. We look forward to helping people better communicate the sincere feelings behind their gifts with a short video appropriate for the digital age we live in.

KeepTree is a private video sharing service that lets people record and watch clips on any device and save them on the cloud for “forever.” The company began when CEO Jon Leow contracted a fatal illness from which he has since recovered from. He wanted to send his children post-dated personal videos so he came up with features like FutureSend.


Aside from KeepTree, the company also runs TroopTree, a video sharing service reserved for use, free of cost, by members of the military and their families.


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