Workspace Mod joins Front Coffee for a San Fransisco pop-up—app included, for easy booking

The 2010s have been a decade marked by workplace innovation. From the demise of the the cubicle to the rise of the Skype call, employees and employers alike continue to seek out the balance between comfort and productivity. Taking note of this quest, West Coast workspace Mod offers free-roaming agents a modular workspace driven by technology and fueled for productivity.

Most recently the Mod team has joined forces with Front Coffee of Potrero Hill, San Fransisco to bring the on-demand workspace to the startup city. The pop-up space is an extension of Mod's office space in Phoenix, and while both spaces strive to retain a touch of local flair, they are supported with cutting-edge technology and accessible hospitality. Tapping designer firms including the likes of Artifox and DeVorm for custom fittings for their space, Mod allows its workers to create custom spaces with modular white boards and storage units.

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