A Button Just For Pizza Delivery—Easy Peasy

A Button Just For Pizza Delivery—Easy Peasy

This single-purpose button is your direct line to Domino’s Pizza

Leo Lutero
  • 1 december 2015

As if calling on the phone for pizza was just too much work, Domino’s Pizza in the UK has created a single-function button that you can press just in case you really need that pizza and can’t be bother by the ordering process.

The button, which currently available in UK, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a physical button. The hardware is developed by Flic, a startup specializing in easy-to-reach, easy-to-use, often single-purpose buttons. These buttons connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and act as triggers to specific functions like silencing a phone.

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In this case, it’s initiating and completing a pizza order. Pairing up with the Domino’s app on your phone, it will order your pre-enlisted favorite to your saved address every single time you push down on the button. Easy peasy.

Domino’s Pizza is a leader in using the mobile phone to accept orders and it has been exploring more avenues to reach customers. PSFK has previously reported on pizza delivery drones and on Dom, a virtual assistant like Siri for tasks exclusively related to Domino’s Pizza.

And since rolling out the Twitter-based, emoji-filled ordering system, they’ve also worked on flash cards meant to educate every pizza lover on the basics of the emerging online lingua franca. The single-button is currently available only in the UK and no word yet on it branching out.

The pizza business is tough, with competitors right at about every corner. From a humble store in 1960 Michigan to over 10,000 stores across 70 countries, Domino’s Pizza is probably the most successful pizza chain to embrace mobile technology with over 10 million downloads.

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