In the Big Spaceship Hack Day event, Team Chill came up with the idea of an office space that can be programmed, allowing employees to customize their in-office meditation

In the recent Hack Day challenge held by New York creative agency Big Spaceship, in-house teams were asked to come up with new ideas on how to utilize their new office space better.

The winning idea was a wellness space developed by Team Chill, which not only allows employees to meditate inside the office space, but also to customize the environment based on time of day, purpose of their chill, vibes, color, sound, smell and more.

Drawing on the research findings that stress was the number one health problem (according to the World Health Organization) and daily meditation could enable people to be more resilient to stress, Team Chill developed a space for resting and recalibrating with two-fold purposes. While Big Chill was designed for groups, Little Chill was for individual use. Equipped with an accompanying app, employees can program the meditation atmosphere according to their personal preferences.

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