How design thinking impacts the social behavior of Internet users, leveraging emotion to create awareness for charitable and educational causes like Univision’s Key To Success

What is design thinking to you? Was there a piece of amazing graphic work that inspired you in your career, becoming the foundation of everything that came after you learned to no longer trace, but lead with your original style? In the fast-paced world of design, many designers and firms focus on the bottom line and delivering the minimum viable success for a client's desire (which may or not be most thoughtfully constructed end product to achieve program goals).

Full-service digital agency Ready Set Rocket thinks it’s time to get some good design advice, especially when it comes to the social good space. The group is encouraging designers to think about a project’s social impact, saying that “in reality, great design can benefit the population and contribute to a better society.” PSFK sat down with Ready Set Rocket’s Creative Director, Cole Sletten, to talk about mindful design.

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