Etsy’s City Guides Help Shoppers Support Local Boutiques

Etsy’s City Guides Help Shoppers Support Local Boutiques

Discover local makers and shops with Etsy's curated guides created in collaboration with On the Grid

Eva Recinos
  • 23 december 2015

As a community marketplace, Etsy consistently emphasizes its focus on the idea of supporting independent makers. With last year’s launch of City Guides, the marketplace encouraged shoppers to not only browse work online but visit local shops that carried goods from Etsy designers.

The guides were released by Etsy Wholesale—a division of the marketplace where physical shops can find items from independent makers in wholesale. Last year’s paper guides inspired this year’s digital guides, created in partnership with On the Grid.

After the physical guides did well last year, Etsy decided to expand the experience so that shoppers could explore the destinations no matter their location.

“We wanted to open them up to a wider audience—now that they are online in their entirety, there are no limits to the number of people these can reach and inspire to shop local and discover great stores,” wrote Etsy Wholesale program manager Jolie McKay in an email.


The guide makes it easy for shoppers to get a sense of each boutique’s aesthetic and see which makers are in stock. Shoppers can read a quick description of each boutique and see what types of goods are available there, from jewelry to gifts to stationery. The Los Angeles guide, for example, highlights local shops like Shout and About, a recently opened store tucked away in Echo Park. Beneath the shop’s description, users can see which Etsy makers they can find in the store.

Ultimately, the short descriptions are there to encourage shoppers to stop by the physical location and browse the items in person. As McKay explains, these shops make up “approximately 11,000 retailers” in the Etsy community. It all comes back to supporting independents shops and makers.


“The launch of the City Guides comes on the heels of the launch of Etsy Local—which launched in the app (iOS and Android) this August,” wrote McKay. “Through Etsy Local, shoppers can discover upcoming events and nearby stores that feature Etsy sellers. Like the City Guides, this is a way that they can shop from Etsy sellers in person, while supporting the Etsy community as well as their own local economies.”

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