The CEO of an innovation and design consultancy interviews Shea Parton, CEO and Founder of Apolis Global Citizen, who worked in conjunction with Chivas Regal to launch an artisan glass blowing collective that seeks to reinvigorate Mexico's creative economy

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Shea Parton, CEO and Founder of Apolis Global Citizen, about a recent innovation partnership with Chivas Regal to create Studio Xaquixe, an artisan glass blowing collective tucked in the hills of Eastern Oaxaca, Mexico. The new collective will help support and grow their artisan community and potentially fuel a new platform for creative capitalism.

Shawn Parr: Tell us about the social initiative between Apolis and Chivas Regal to support Studio Xaquixe.

Shea Parton: Every year Apolis travels to a destination where we partner with a local manufacturer to co-design an artisan product. This year we traveled to Mexico to explore a design opportunity for our brand to be the annual host of Chivas Regal’s Art of Hosting Pack, which includes a bottle of Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky accompanied by glassware uniquely designed by a collaborating artist.

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