Plan your CES around emerging trends shaping future technology solutions with PSFK’s ‘Best Of’ Guide

From the devices within our pockets to the systems guiding our automobiles, personal technology is evolving and synchronizing into a future-focused ecosystem that will redefine consumer living. The beginnings of this technology revolution will be glimpsed at CES 2016, where leading innovators, content providers and startups will exhibit prototypes and discuss emerging ideas around consumer tech.

PSFK plans to take you to the front lines of innovation with a PSFK CES 2016 Guide, packed with must-see events, exhibitors and brands taking place at the conference in Las Vegas from January 5-9, 2016. To help guide CES discovery and provide context around exhibitors and events, PSFK Labs has handpicked the following six nascent trends that are poised to guide creative business in 2016 and beyond:

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