Change Please is a U.K.-based coffee truck that pays the homeless a living wage to make people's morning lattes

As far as societal issues goes, homelessness presents one of the biggest challenges. It is not enough to simply create more jobs or force those without homes into shelters, both of which often overlook the reasons why people have nowhere to go in the first place. One brand, however, is looking to help end homelessness, one cup of coffee at a time: Change Please.

This British traveling coffee truck will provide Londoners delicious and relatively cheap coffee in order to help create jobs for homeless individuals. Each barista will earn £9.15 an hour in order to make a living wage, and the company will help them rent property by underwriting (akin to co-signing) with them, providing the landlord with the assurance that rent will be paid. Each cup will cost around £2.50, and will include blends of beans from Tanzania and Rwanda, meaning the coffee is good quality as well as doing good for the community.

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