New York Compost. Get it?

Composting can feel just as alien to a city-dweller as metro systems and concrete can feel to a country mouse. But Debbie Ullman, a graphic designer who until 2013 worked for the legendary (but embattled) newspaper The New York Daily News, has one interesting conceit for getting New Yorkers used to the idea of turning their organic trash into treasure: transforming street-corner newspaper boxes into attractive collection sites with the punny monkier “The New York Compost.”

New York’s Department of Sanitation reports that over a third of what New Yorkers throw away is food scraps. Recently, they have begun piloting a limited compost collection program in a few far-flung neighborhoods, and Ullman’s “urban intervention” hopes to complement this movement and, with its wit, create something more than the sum of its parts.

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