A company using global warming as a marketing tool may be satire, but the feedback from the credulous is very real

The COP21 conference last week made it clear that climate change is real and that we are passed the point of successfully solving it. Instead, we’re going to have to adapt to it and learn to live in the world with higher temperatures and drastic shifts in weather. While many are now looking at how to solve for less drastic outcomes, there are some looking to cash in on what’s now environmentally inevitable.

Case and point – real estate group Higher Tides Realty. Higher Tides touts that they want to “turn the tide on global warming”. But it doesn’t mean “turn the tides” in the sense that it helps solve the problem; it aims to help homeowners and buyers capitalize on regions of the country which will become desirable places to live and work with rising temperatures and drastic weather changes. As I writer, I was shocked to find a business model based on the negative environmental issues – I sadistically also saw the genius in it. So I dug deeper and found that the company isn’t really what it seems. In fact, the whole company is a fake. In an interview, Nikolas Gregory of the Nikolas Gregory Studio explained the purpose of High Tides Realty project:

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