What might be the implications of VR from a social standpoint? We turned to Linden Lab's CEO Ebbe Altberg and Senior Director of Global Communications Peter Gray to get our answer

Virtual reality headsets are pushing the boundaries of what we can do, from skydiving in the comfort of our apartments to exploring Mars in our pajamas. We’ve seen how the technology has disrupted industries such as gaming, news, travel, and real estate, but we’re still only in the experimental phase as most of the hardware has yet to reach mainstream adoption.

With Facebook releasing the Oculus Rift some time in 2016, and AltspaceVR picking up steam as a new frontier of remote communication and interactions with others, an emphasis on the social proponents of the platform is arising. To better understand the implications of ‘social VR,’ we reached out to Linden Lab—the company that brought you Second Life and is working on a new title dubbed “Project Sansar.”

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