As the new Star Wars movie debuts in theaters, this Chrome extension makes sure you won't accidentally stumble into any unwanted information on the film

The new Star Wars film, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, is shaping up to be a cultural phenomenon for science-fiction fans new and old, and some not-so-well-meaning netizens might spill some spoilers across the Web. You don’t have to quit Facebook and Twitter until you get to the theaters to avoid unwanted information, thanks to Force Block.

Created by production company Priceless Misc, this Google Chrome extension will help you from accidentally being exposed to websites or pages that contain spoilers for the film. Once installed in the browser, Force Block will scan any page you are about to open for Star Wars-related terms. If it exceeds a specific amount of words, then a warning will pop up alerting you to potential spoiler content, which can be ignored at one’s own peril. As of December 15th, the extension also includes a specific set of phrases used by critics who have already seen the film. As a cherry on top of the spoiler-free sundae, the icon for the extension is two purple lightsabers forming an X and the spoiler-blocking pages are filled with Star Wars puns. Approve, Yoda would.

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