A Simple Bag Helps You Save the Water Wasted for Your Hot Shower

A Simple Bag Helps You Save the Water Wasted for Your Hot Shower
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Nifty invention makes sure every drop of clear water counts, even if its not warm enough just yet

Leo Lutero
  • 18 december 2015

The WaterDrop is a bag designed to catch the cold water that comes out of the shower each time you turn it on. This means no more wasted water while you wait for your shower to warm up.

The company says that on average, people waste between three and six liters of water at the start of a shower. Now imagine that multiplied by the millions of people who do the same.

This is the problem WaterDrop is planning to solve. It’s a low technology solution that doesn’t need any set-up instructions that anyone, even kids, could use. Why? WaterDrop is really just a plastic bag.


But not just any plastic bag. It’s designed to last and do its job optimally. It hangs over your shower’s faucet easily. To use, insert the shower nozzle or tap and let the water flow. Once the water’s hot enough, take it out and start your shower. Plan and simple.

The handle reinforces a wide hole so you can also hang the bag over your shoulder. You can use it to water plants, refill your pet’s water bottle, among other things. On one side of the bag is a spout which tucks into the bag when not in use. It makes pouring the water into small receptacles easier while also forming a delightfully easy-to-use watering can. If you hang it outdoors, you can instantly have a temporary faucet for your needs.


This water tote is produced from thermoplastic polyutherane (TPU) that’s meant to last and resist abrasion or piercing. An accompanying app will also let users manually track the amount of water saved.

The startup from Valencia, Spain is planning to ship their bags in March next year but they are now accepting preorders on Kickstarter. The bags come in two sizes: a 3.5 liter bag for adults and a 1.5 liter bag for children. A bag starts at €12($13) each while a pair is €18, both include access to the app.

WaterDrop on Kickstarter


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