Uber Kittens and Uber Puppies are the latest exotic deliveries that Uber has been experimenting with to fill our cuddly cravings

The next time you order an Uber, you might not be catching it to get to work. Partnering up with local animal shelters to deliver puppies (Uber Puppies) and kittens (Uber Kittens) you can play with, falling in love and getting your heart broken costs $30 USD for 15 minutes—after which you’ll unfortunately have to part ways.

Of course, you can choose to sign the adoption papers to extend your time with your new best friend considerably, all without having to leave your office.

Having already delivered puppies to Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, DC and Indianapolis, as well as kittens in New York City, San Francisco and Seattle, many customers have been frequenting their app in the hopes that the new features will be around their block as well. Even if the opportunity does present itself within your city, however, you’ll still have to be within an ‘Uber Puppy Zone,’ a specified area where Uber is willing to drop off the pets. Having broken out into ice cream trucks, Valentine’s day roses, BBQ and even helicopter promotional deliveries with varying success, puppies and kittens are just one more experiment to add to Uber’s ‘what are we delivering next?’ tally.

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