Non-functional tableware set comments on our relationship to objects

The traditional Western layout of the dinner table remains iconic and comforting, even as our taste in tableware has changed and designers of such objects have kept innovating. Though there have been many creative conceptual designs for dinner tables, few actually eschew functionality. Fasted, a piece created by the French designer team Studio Dessuant Bone, is of the bolder sort of design, reducing the table set to a bare wire schematic in response to a prompt from DWA Studio.

In Fasted, the table set is reduced to the barest iconography. Two spoons become circles on sticks and a knife becomes a triangle connected to a line. The pitcher and glass, depending on how you look at them, may only appear to be three-dimensional; though the top and bottom are round, they are only connected by single wires that don't exactly suggest roundness in the body of the bottle. A round gold ‘frame' offsets this exercise in blue.

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