2016 Detroit Auto Show: A Quick Look at Quiet Luxury and Marketplace Retorts

2016 Detroit Auto Show: A Quick Look at Quiet Luxury and Marketplace Retorts

Acura stands up to competitors by breaking new design ground and a bespoke American supercar is born

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 13 january 2016

The second press day the Detroit Auto Show tends to be lighter on content, but this year there were some last minute surprises. The variety of different vehicle types unveiled continued through from the first press day.

Here’s a quick look at what was unveiled.

Lincoln Continental



Lincoln revealed their new production flagship sedan following under 12 months since the concept was shown in New York in 2015. The Continental revives a famous name for the brand and was designed to reflect Lincoln’s quiet-luxury take on a full-size sedan.

Acura Performance Concept



Acura hasn’t had the most emotional and exciting lineup of vehicles in a number of years. That changed with the introduction of the new NSX. The company revealed a new ‘Performance Concept’ that aims to show the future design direction Acura intends to follow. The car looks pretty spectacular in person and it is good to see the brand offer something of a response to competitor Lexus.

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept



Trucks these days are designed to project a hyper tough image and Nissan’s Titan Warrior concept backs that up in looks and in name. The truck has some interesting graphic lighting designs in the front and rear. The exterior incorporates bright color accents we’re seeing some other automakers adopt.

VLF Force 1


VLF is a new bespoke performance car company founded by auto veteran Bob Lutz, Gilbert Villarreal, and designer Henrick Fisker. They debuted the Force 1 V10 which is a prototype for a limited production American performance coupe. The company will formally start to deliver cars this year to customers with the goal of being the smallest and most expensive OEM based in the United States.

Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept



VW debuted a more rugged looking concept of their small Tiguan SUV. The concept incorporates a distinctive roof rack with integrated lighting and a new infotainment system that relies more on buttons and switches than touchscreen controls.


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