An animated look at the celestial goings-on inside Hawking's mind

Theoretical physics is not the most approachable subject as anyone who has ever picked up a Stephen Hawking book knows. BBC Radio 4, the British radio station, decided to make it a little easier for its listeners to see the wonder of these complex cosmic concepts through animation, which they applied to the ad announcing Dr. Hawking’s Reith lecture, “Do Black Holes Have No Hair?”

Created by Aardman Animation, the animation studio behind Shaun the Sheep, Wallace and Gromit and Arthur Christmas, the short film entitled “Inside His Head” is a surrealist journey into the mind of Hawking, with colorful grids, morphing shapes, and a floating astronaut interacting with this abstract objects. Over the imagery, there is narration from Hawking, as well as acclaimed scientists Carl Sagan, Andrew Strominger and Brian Cox.

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