Add a touch of personality to your virtual reality gear with Minion or Cat Eyes

Many publications and tech enthusiasts agree that VR headset design needs revising, especially as creators continue to experiment with more and more uses for the tech. For starters, it only makes sense that VR headsets would get slimmer and lighter with time; as of now, they take up a pretty large portion of the wearer’s face. Gear Boggles wants to at least temporarily alleviate the situation with a series of stickers that add a sense of personality to the eyewear.

With their Gear Boggles VR Faceplate Stickers, the company aims to “help you keep your cool while in virtual reality.” The vinyl stickers, created by StickerMule, are meant to withstand the test of time but also peel off easily when you want to show off a new design. Currently, there are three Gear Boggles designs but more will be unveiled in the near future. VR users can choose from ‘Manga,’ ‘VRinions’ or ‘Cat Eyes.’ Each design takes the aesthetic approach of a cartoon design, one more whimsical than the last.

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