This head-protector's made from lightweight, renewable forest products

A wood-based foam material that could serve as an eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam has been created by a team in Sweden. Cellufoam is made of nanocellulose produced from wood pulp, making it renewable and biodegradable. Its properties mean it would be suitable for a number of potential applications in lightweight construction, packaging materials and absorbent products, and it has recently been used in a bike helmet.

The idea for Cellufoam came from Lars Wågberg (professor in Fibre Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Lennart Bergström (professor in Material Chemistry at Stockholm University), and Nicholas Tchang Cervin (former PhD student at KTH) , who worked together at the Wallenberg Wood Science Center. It has now been further developed by Stockholm startup Cellutech, in conjunction with the Swedish Forest Industries Federation's Ekoportal2035, in order to create this helmet concept.

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