Birth Control Service Wants to Deliver Your Pills in Two Hours

Birth Control Service Wants to Deliver Your Pills in Two Hours

Access to birth control expands with the help of a mobile delivery app

Eva Recinos
  • 20 january 2016

Getting birth control comes with a variety of challenges including access, financial feasibility and time. Simply getting a doctor appointment can be half the battle; it’s not often that you can simply call in and get seen the next day. Even then, it can be hard to juggle a work schedule with appointments. A new service called NURX could make this process simpler and faster.

The app and mobile website lets patients order birth control pills (and PrEP) with just a few steps. The user simply fills out some information, finds their preferred brand, and sends the request to one of NURX’s doctors. From there, a doctor can get in contact with follow-up questions or approve the prescription for NURX to deliver.

Currently, NURX only offers services to clients based in California (and all of its doctors are licensed in California). During their current beta stage, NURX completes deliveries within one to three days of an order. Clients in San Francisco can receive them within hours. Most patients with health insurance can get NURX’s offered drugs for free. The service also includes payment plans for other cases.

Birth Control Delivery

Some providers in California, such as Kaiser Permanente, already offer free mailing service for prescriptions like birth control. However, the short window time that NURX offers—along with its easy process—could create an even more convenient option for patients. The service currently offers three-month supplies of each prescription and reminds users a month in advance about getting refills.

Among its plans for the future, the team hopes to offer more drug options, launch a two-hour delivery service, and expand to other states.


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