Borrow and Lend Designer Clothes for Free on Instagram

Borrow and Lend Designer Clothes for Free on Instagram

Share clothes instead of tossing them in the trash

Leo Lutero
  • 25 january 2016

What if instead of just tossing away something you won’t wear again, you give it to someone else who will? That’s the big idea behind ShareWear, an initiative from Sweden, that uses a fashionista’s favorite platform, Instagram, to pass around clothes.

Top Swedish designers contributed to create the pilot collection featured in the project. A rich urban wardrobe from labels like Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, NIKOLAJ d’ETOILES, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Weekday and Whyred are now up for borrowing by lucky (and very quick) individuals.

The collection is quite comprehensive. There’s a healthy number of shirts, pants, jeans, jackets, accessories and even shoes—all worth fighting for.

sharewear 2.png

To score a borrow, speed is of the essence. Just search for the hashtag #sharewear on Instagram and tag yourself on the photo of the item you like. The first one to do this gets to borrow the piece.

The limit stands at a week per borrow. After that period, you have to lend it out to someone else by posting it on Instagram. If you really like a piece, you can borrow it again. The project requires personal meet-ups to deliver the items since any form of shipping is not supported by the platform.

The program relies heavily on people’s honesty to work. And of course, old-fashioned shaming. Since borrowers will be prominently featured on the website, it will be far too obvious if someone is skipping the lending part of the deal.

sharewear 1.png

The project was created in part by Visit Sweden, the official tourism drive for the country. Sofia Kinberg, Global Marketing Director for Visit Sweden, explains the vision:

“Each year, millions of tons of textiles are thrown away in Sweden and other countries around the world, even though almost all of it could be recycled, donated or repurposed. The ShareWear collection aims to raise awareness in the industry of this issue, while also offering an alternative solution.”

While you can view the Swedes rocking out borrowed designer pieces on Instagram, an online gallery at is also available for you to peruse the clothes.

ShareWear is part of the Democreativity Initiative, Sweden’s program to bolster creative industries. Last year, the program highlighted gaming with the launch of an online portal where creators can pitch in out-of-the-box gaming ideas.


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