Digital loyalty expert Sarah Judd Welch discusses the importance of community building and the evolving expectations of consumers

In today’s marketplace with a wealth of options for every product and category, it is more important than ever for brands to form strong connections with their customers and create a loyal relationship. This of course goes both ways, and it is incumbent on the brand to give consumers incentives to stay with them. As part of our Future of Retail 2016 report, PSFK spoke with Sarah Judd Welch, CEO and Head of Community Design of Loyal, about brand loyalty and cultivating community.

At Loyal, Judd manages and leads community design and strategy for businesses. Prior to Loyal, she worked on community with TaskRabbit, Contently, Kik and Catchafire, as well as for Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs. Judd believes that community is the future of society and economy on the Internet.

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