Accurate and realistic 3D sound in VR is vital to shaping experiences #CES2016

This week at CES, Dolby made some noise as it brought exciting news to the VR space. When thinking about the experience of using and interacting with virtual reality content, people mostly think about the quality of sight and the fascinating visual aspects of the medium. However, for users to have a truly immersive experience, considering 3D sound and how it plays into the development and presentation of VR content is also important.

Like sight, we react viscerally to sounds. Filmmakers who make content for virtual reality platforms often stress the importance of sound for storytelling in cinematic VR. Having high quality and accurate, realistic sound in VR is key to the viewer’s experience. It not only transports individuals to virtual world, but also is responsible for guiding them through the story or narrated experience. The combination of the immersive sight and sounds are the tools filmmakers rely on to evoke a sense of presence and engagement within the stories they create.

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