Swap Your Plane Seat Before You Board

Swap Your Plane Seat Before You Board

You may be able to buy your preferred airplane seat from a fellow traveler

Leigh Ann Renzulli
  • 19 january 2016

You finally make it through check in, through security and to your gate and you realize: you and your travel companion are seated at opposite ends of the plane. Or you are squished in the middle seat. Or maybe you’re all the way in the back, and you’re definitely going to want to deplane quickly at your destination. Shreyas Parikh knows this conundrum well. He is the founder of SeatSwappr, an application he hopes will enable passengers to ease the inconvenience of flying. He came up with the idea when he and his wife were seated far apart on a flight.

“We were sitting next to a couple who had the complete opposite of us—we both realized we wanted to sit next to the other person,” said Parikh. “It worked out, but I thought it would be kind of cool if we could do it ahead of time.”

Passengers who don’t mind swapping their seats could post their seats for sale, setting their own price. Those looking for a better or different seat can search to see if their desired location is for sale. Buyers can then communicate with the seller, requesting the seat. No one has to change their boarding pass, passengers simply swap seats after they board the plane.

SeatSwappr app travel

“SeatSwappr is a peer-to-peer seat exchange where you can negotiate a seat swap with other passengers prior to boarding. We hope to eliminate the pre-boarding anxiety of asking fellow passengers to swap seats,” reads the SeatSwappr website.

While the application is still in the beta phase, Parikh and his team are collecting signups. The more signups, the more seats will be available when the app launches.


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