Doctor Check-Ins Can Be as Easy as Unlocking an iPhone

Doctor Check-Ins Can Be as Easy as Unlocking an iPhone

Cut patient’s wait time by up to 80 percent

Leo Lutero
  • 21 january 2016

A doctor’s waiting room is a test on optimism. The front desk digging for your medical records isn’t always a pretty sight, the unpredictable waiting time is just anxiety fuel and the dull, plastic clipboards couldn’t possibly help. CrossChx is planning to overhaul this and revolutionize patient waiting areas with the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). With its premium product CrossChx Queue, checking in at the clinic is now as quick as a finger scan.

The startup from Columbus, Ohio creates universal identification for patients which works with any CrossChx-enabled clinic or hospital. This service, called SafeChx, is the company’s record-keeping arm with over 36 million patient identities on board. Once a patient is signed into the system, his-her medical records all link up. If any errors or duplicates are detected by the system, clerks are alerted so their human skills can resolve the problem.

crosschx 1.png

With CrossChx Queue, pen, paper and clipboards could just be ugly memories of the past. With a sleek tablet, the platform lets clinics and hospitals pull up medical records in a split second. Despite this speed, it’s also probably safer than filing cabinets.

When a patient checks in at a clinic or a hospital, a quick scan of the finger is all that’s required—no more awful forms. CrossChx scans the finger and extracts an algorithm which then acts as a key to all the data. Through this proprietary process, the patient’s fingerprint is the key, yet no image of the patient’s fingerprint is kept on the cloud.

Co-Founder and CEO of CrossChx Sean Lane reiterates the system’s promise:

“With Queue, we’re bringing clean, modern technology to the waiting room to improve how patients interact with their medical records, while simultaneously resolving patient profiles for consistent, safe care.”

A display also keeps patients updated on the order of consultations and how far down the line they are and their estimated wait times.

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While SafeChx is still a remarkably free service, the Queue starts at $299 a month. The best part, the entire system cuts patient’s wait time by up to 80 percent.

Stolen medical records are priced 10x more than credit card data on the black market so joining in could be a tough sell to hospitals and clinics. But with CrossChx growing into the most widely used of its kind in the United States, it could be time for the wariness, along with giant file cabinets, to leave the building.


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