Drive-In Supermarkets Would Do Away With Parking and Pandemonium

Drive-In Supermarkets Would Do Away With Parking and Pandemonium

For those forever in a hurry, visualize grocery shopping without ever stepping out of your car

Azalea Pena
  • 12 january 2016

Thanks to Russian inventor Dahir Kurmanbievich, shopping for groceries without stepping foot out of your car might eventually be possible.

A drive-in supermarket offers utmost convenience. No need to park, no need to push trolleys, no need to wait in line. Further, it’s perfect for shoppers who are in a hurry.

However, there is more to this supermarket that the convenience it would provide. The next question to ask is: How can this supermarket operate efficiently?


In the supermarket, the main door will only be opened if there’s an available counter to shop on. This provides possible traffic jams inside the supermarket which could potentially be extremely chaotic. Once the car enters, the driver stops by a counter where columns of rotating shelves are available at arm’s reach.


The driver then reaches for the item and puts it on the conveyor positioned right below the shelves. The conveyor automatically brings the items to the cashier waiting at the other end of the counter for fast counting. The driver pushes a button to rotate the shelves while finding the item he or she needs. If the driver is having a hard time reaching the items, he or she can just step out of the car and shop standing up.


The last step is to simply pay for the groceries.

The inventory is stored on the second floor of the supermarket. There, the inventory staff puts the items on a conveyor belt that goes directly to another staff member waiting below. Then, the staff will stock up the shelves manually, thus, ensuring that all counters are filled with grocery items.

There’s just one huge problem with the concept. This supermarket can only work with zero-emission cars and there are not a lot of those going around.

Drive-In Supermarket – Dahin Kurmanbievich

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