Geoff Teehan on why change is all about staying the same

I used to be involved in creative award shows quite a bit, both as an entrant and as a jury member. It got me thinking: What’s changed over the past couple of decades that will influence what constitutes great digital design? At first, I thought pretty much everything. That what I’ll value this year will be quite a bit different than what I valued a decade or two ago. But as I thought about it, I realized it won’t be different, because nothing has changed about what makes design great.

In the mid-90s and early 2000s the type of work our industry was cranking out was coarse—rife with constraints that pushed ideas and executions into a place where we were just connecting dots and delivering information. Basic technology and slow Internet connections meant that a good experience was a simple, easy and direct one. We were doing an amazing job when we were able to simply present someone with the information they were looking for, in a manner that was more efficient than driving to a store or picking up the telephone.

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