Bring your own entertainment on vacation, without your laptop

The aim of the hospitality industry is simple: give guests amenities that they wouldn’t have if they’d stayed in their own homes for the week. Staying at a luxury hotel is supposed to be better than being at home, and in many ways, it still is. Hotels have been sadly lacking in one department for the last decade or so, though: entertainment.

As technology progresses at lightning speed, hotels have been struggling to catch up. The staggering task of retrofitting thousands of rooms with new technology that is likely to become outdated within years is costly, in time and money. This forces guests to rely on either standard cable or else costly hotel Wi-Fi just to find something to watch in the evening, sad options for a time when many must-watch shows are Netflix or Amazon Prime-exclusive. Entertainment integration company Enseo, however, is aiming to disrupt this downward trend to “offer a better experience than guests have in their own homes,” CEO Vanessa Ogle tells PSFK.

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