Challenging manufacturing conventions, this collection of heels was designed with a 3D printer to create structurally-innovative arches

Because people’s daily needs and personal tastes dictate the kind of shoes they will buy, designers have to have a specific audience in mind when in the process of creation. However, Taiwanese fashion designer Zoe Dai has made 3D-printable heels that both push the boundaries of form but also metamorphose to various styles, ensuring a wide array of shoe lovers can wear them to their heart’s desire.

Dai’s 2015 collection, called Breaking the 3D Mould, was made as her capstone project for her Master’s degree at the London College of Fashion. Her 3D printers were funded by the Cordwainers Dato’ Jimmy Choo Award. The designs of the shoes were not only impressive because of the means of their creation, but because their design combines daring aesthetics with unique structural integrity.

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