Makeup Mirror at CES 2016 Takes All the Guesswork Out of Beauty

Makeup Mirror at CES 2016 Takes All the Guesswork Out of Beauty

Pucker your lips and watch augmented reality transform them

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 5 january 2016

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what you would look like with a completely different style? Or maybe you were sure what shade of lipstick would go best with your eyeshadow until you tried something new? Trying on different looks can be costly, time-consuming, and not particularly healthy for one’s skin. Thanks to face visualization pioneer ModiFace, there is a new mirror that can show you what you’d look like with a brand new look so you never have to waste money on unflattering cosmetics again.

The ModiFace Mirror HD will provide people with the ability to try out different looks. This will help people make smarter make-up choices by allowing them to try out new colors, which can be particularly useful for people of color, for whom buying the right shade can require a lot of guess work. Brands are already signed up to have their products to take part in the augmented reality mirror, including L’Oreal, Allergan, and Jane Iredale. The mirror allows users to change not only their makeup but also whiten their teeth, change their eyebrows, reverse the signs of aging, and change eye color.

ModiFace CEO Parham Aarabi tells PSFK that the ModiFace Mirror HD also takes brand-customer interaction to a new plane:

“Augmented reality in the context of trying on beauty products is a technology that consumers love to use while increasing awareness and engagement for beauty brands.

When we launched our original mirror solution, we were surprised by the level of interest from beauty brands in customizing this solution for their stores/apps. Mirror HD is our revolutionary next generation AR solution with significant enhancements, new features, and a substantially improved facial tracking and rendering technology.

We expect this to benefit all women.”

Beyond creating a brand new look to try out, the ModiFace Mirror HD will also include 3D makeup tutorials, so users can follow along with easy as they apply new techniques. It is currently being shown as CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring several customized mirrors for specific brands.

The best part, and one that Aarabi thinks is the most fun, is that changing different parts of yourself by just shifting a facial expression:

“The gesture controlled makeup is our favourite (with brow reshaping being a close second). The ability to change your lipstick by puckering your lips or changing your eye makeup by raising your eyebrows is extremely cool and exciting.”

According to the ModiFace website, the mirror is available for sale for $2,000 a unit, which includes an iPad Air 2 with a case, as well as the app already loaded into the device. So if you’re tired of wasting time and money on styles you are unhappy with, check out this augmented reality device that can make your next foray into an improved you an easier one.


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