You can now look much cooler while controlling your drone with an Apple Watch as your command center

Out of the many desires for superhuman powers that popular culture has ignited, moving objects without touching them might be the most classic. From Matilda to Star Wars, the idea of making an object glide across the room simply with the movement of your hands—or, better yet, your gaze—still sounds appealing. Imagine the possibilities: no need to use touch anymore to make the bed, reach for that salad dish or grab an item from a supermarket shelf.

We might be getting one step closer to touch-free control thanks to researchers from Taiwan's PVD+. According to Reuters, founder Mark Ven and his team created an algorithm that lets you control a drone using an Apple Watch. This results in the ability to command a drone's motions using only your hand—an ability strikingly similar to those fictional accounts of special object-moving powers.

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