The Future of Jawbone’s Shopper Experience and the Power of the Subscription Economy

The Future of Jawbone’s Shopper Experience and the Power of the Subscription Economy

Creative Agency +rehabstudio conceptualizes Jawbone's future user experience for PSFK’s Future of Retail Report

  • 13 january 2016

PSFK Labs’ new Future of Retail 2016 is designed to arm brands with the tools necessary to create and execute a forward-thinking shopper experience. The sixth edition of our flagship report explores how brands are redesigning the shopper experience to build value, drive sales and boost loyalty. To help bring the ideas and actionable take-aways to life, PSFK invited creative studios to leverage report findings and ideate a modern and engaging shopper experience strategy for a progressive global brand.

The following concept is an excerpt from the +rehabstudio’s submission reimagining how the wearable tech trailblazer, Jawbone, could adapt to the future of loyalty. By redesigning its product offerings, Jawbone could become a platform where users subscribe to data-based product and habit recommendations, in addition to selling product.

subscription economy

Jawbone’s UP trackers help their users form healthier habits and achieve fitness goals by gathering lifestyle data, but as the market saturates, they are struggling to stand out.

+rehabstudio decided to reimagine their product offering to a subscription service that presents users with the right prompt or product, exactly when they need it.

By tapping into the data Jawbone is already collecting, there is an opportunity to create the most seamless method of product consumption imaginable. The more the consumer uses the product, the more advanced and varied its recommendations for partner brands and service providers become. Jawbone could partner with anyone from grocery stores, offering tailored suggestion in a subscription model, to suggesting medical insurance companies that would fit each consumer. +rehabstudio redefined the Jawbone ambition to eventually become a platform that allows the harvesting of smart data to become a commodity in and of itself.

subscription economy

It is this level of personalization that will inspire deeply-rooted brand loyalty. Every accurate recommendation strengthens the trust and dependency the brand and customer share, making Jawbones Upbands an essential part of its users’ lives.

The death of traditional retail models will come with the possibility of truly targeted products and services and the potential for brands to create a tailored experience for each user. Commerce is still king, and if subscription services realize the potential of big data, boxes will continue to fly off the shelves.


The above is a creative concept and not directly endorsed by Jawbone, for more info contact: 

Built on a robust study of trends and patterns in the market, the 6th edition of the Future of Retail 2016 report offers a directional playbook for brands and retailers to build value, drive sales and boost loyalty. PSFK Labs defines 10 pillars to build a modern and engaging shopper experience strategy to go beyond changing expectations and to create an enhanced shopper experience. Download the full report here, view our trend summary on Slideshare and check back daily for exclusive content about the latest trends moving retail forward.


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