JFK has implemented facial comparison technology to improve security and combat identity theft

If you travel abroad and fly into JFK airport you could have your face scanned before entering the country. U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) at the Queens airport recently unveiled facial comparison technology that will be used to match a person's face to their passport photo. The technology will be used to screen first-time Visa Waiver Program travelers and U.S. citizens.

The new system scans a traveler's face and then compares it to the photo stored in the traveler's e-passport and uses a number-based rating scale to let the officer know whether the traveler in front of them is a match to the image of the person in the passport. The hope is that the biometric capabilities of the technology will reduce human error and help customs officers to identify legitimate travelers and protect them from identity theft with little to no delay for the entry process.

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