Microsoft Alarm Stimulates Minds with Machine-Learning Fun

Microsoft Alarm Stimulates Minds with Machine-Learning Fun

App alarm helps wake up your mind so you feel motivated to get out of bed and seize the day

Eva Recinos
  • 22 january 2016

The mission to create the most effective, high-tech alarm clock to date continues. So far, ideas for the ultimate alarm clock include everything from an alarm clock that runs away to an alarm clock users have to stand on. The Mimicker Alarm focuses more on stimulating the user’s brain to help users get out of bed but also stay mentally awake and alert.

The app comes with different games, each one more complex than the next.

“Express Yourself” challenges users to mimic facial expressions for a range of emotions, from happy to angry. “Color Capture” displays certain colors that the user must then match by taking a photo of something in their surroundings. “Tongue Twister” involves complicated phrases that force your groggy brain to stay focused.


Some physical aspects still make their way into each game. “Color Capture,” for example, might require a sleepy user to walk into another room in search of the perfect object to match to a color. Even “Express Yourself” requires the user to get at least their facial muscles moving. If too much time goes by in each game, the app automatically sets off another alarm—in case the user drifted off to sleep again.

The app was released through Microsoft Garage, a platform of small teams working on a spectrum of innovative projects. The games also use machine learning APIs developed through Microsoft Project Oxford. Interested users can access the app’s open source code through Github.


Lead Image: Lorens Kerns | CC | Image altered and combined with other imagery

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