Clip this onto your shoe and it tracks your rides

As we predicted, wearables are one of the top trends at CES this year, moving from infancy to their teenage years with more intuitively designed products tailored for the actions of a specific wearer. To that end, Misfit, in conjunction with the launch of Misfit Ray and Specter, has relaunched the bike-friendly wearable, Flash Cyclist Edition.

The Flash Cyclist Edition has the same functionality as Misfit's standard trackers, but adds a cadence sensor to make it more bike-friendly. It uses the standard clip holder so a cyclist can wear it on their bike shoes. It also works with the most popular cycling apps including Strava, MapMyRide, Wahoo, and iBiker. To tailor results to cyclists, the company also launched a new Misfit Cyclist app for Android and iOS, which collects data on RPMs, distance and speed. It also harnesses your phone's GPS to store riding routes.

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