“Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back”

“Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back”

Program looks at luring away riders to a car-hailing competitor with no surge pricing and pre-booking

Leo Lutero
  • 13 january 2016

Gett, the car hailing app not unlike Uber, is launching a money back guarantee to New Yorkers for Uber rides that could have been cheaper on Gett. This campaign, clearly labeled “Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back” aims to spotlight the service’s friendlier fares which doesn’t have any of Uber’s surge pricing in the hopes of getting ahead.

To avail of this program, riders only need to send in their Uber receipts with cheaper fares compared to Gett to Any Uber receipt from February 30, 2015 until yesterday were eligible to join. Once the report is approved, riders will then get free credits equal to the Gett quote rounded up to the nearest $5.

The Gett app estimates fare differences of up to 30 percent compared to Uber on the same trips.

gett 1.png

Many faithful Uber riders were swayed into the system because of the potential savings against the most popular pre-Uber option, taxi cabs. However, Uber doesn’t seem to mind raising its fares. Surge pricing can double or even triple fares according to demand which has previously caused some bad rep for the app.

Gett promises to be different from Uber in this way. It charges a fixed fee per trip so riders know how much the ride will cost even before they get into a car. They also have fixed pricing so you don’t have to worry about surge pricing. Riders can also prebook cars so waiting for a ride doesn’t take too long.

Gett CEO Shahar Waiser adds:

“Gett provides similar services to Uber, but also gives consumers the option to book cars immediately or pre-book the ride in advance, all at a much better rate. We want to make sure every New Yorker is aware of this, which is why we’re launching our “Better Fares Than Uber Or Your Money Back” Guarantee.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 1.59.25 PM.jpg

Wether it will be enough to snatch people from Uber’s iconic service only time will tell but this is definitely a sweet deal for New Yorkers. This ‘no holds barred’ attack on Uber’s pricing system (and to a lesser degree, Lyft’s Prime Time) also includes a contest for “victims” of surge pricing to share their horror stories to a hall of shame at The winner will get a credit for $1,000 of Gett rides.


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