The texture of the nendo chocolate bar explores tasting experience

It seems nendo likes to experiment with the sweeter side of design. Last year, it released chocolatetexture, a chocolate production that resulted in nine individual chocolate pieces with carefully designed textures and structures. This year, nendo continues its chocolate investigation with chocolatetexturebar, created for by | n.

According to nendo's website, the bar was created “based on the theme of chocolates with the same raw materials but with diverse textures, and different tastes created from those distinctive textures.” The design of the bar caters to the different parts of the tasting experience, nendo explains. These include the stages of “bite,” “roll in mouth,” and “swallow.” By including different textures, the bar addresses each stage of this process for a heightened experience. As the eater's tongue touches each texture, “one can enjoy a new taste dimension that is unlike any other conventional chocolates.”

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