Festival attendees: Don't choose between enjoying a loud show and leaving with ringing ears

Doppler Labs and Goldenvoice have partnered to transform the 2016 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival into what they believe is the most sonically and technologically advanced music festival in the world. This year’s Coachella festival will feature an integration with the Here Active Listening System™, the first in-ear audio system that uses two wireless buds and a smartphone app to let users instantly control and personalize their live audio environment.

By creating Here Optimized Stages, festival goers can act as their own personal sound mixer during the festival, listening to a performance the way they want to and ultimately allowing them to experience music in a way that’s never happened before at a live event. Listeners are in full control of boosting the bass, altering the EQ, adding reverb and eliminating background noises and more.

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