Durable and Discreet Bags for Off-The-Grid Business Moves

Durable and Discreet Bags for Off-The-Grid Business Moves
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Made out of a material stronger than kevlar, a line of luggage for rough use and sizable sums

Jeb Brack
  • 11 january 2016

In many places it doesn’t pay to be pegged as a tourist. From the moment travellers touch down, locals are sizing them up, often with unscrupulous motives. One thing that especially attracts unwanted attention is luggage: Does it look new? Is it overstuffed or heavy? What labels or brands stand out on it? SDR Traveller addresses these problems with a line of bags and pouches meant to be both durable and discreet, allowing professionals to carry valuable gear, documents, and even cash while keeping a low profile.

Hauly On Location.jpg

Consider the 1M Hauly, for instance. It’s a nondescript black carry-on bag, about 12 by 18 inches, made of a rumpled, worn-looking material, but it was designed to hold up to a million dollars of used U.S. banknotes. The material is called Cuben Fiber, and is billed as being four times as strong as Kevlar but only half the weight.

It starts out looking slightly wrinkled, but within three trips it looks as though it’s been lived in, the sort of bag that no thief would look at twice. Even better, Cuben Fiber is waterproof and tear-resistant. For those who need more cargo capacity, the D3 Traveller duffel bag is twice the size of the Hauly and can be converted to a backpack. It has a second, inner lining that compresses to hide the size of the load, so the duffel always looks less than full.

D3 Traveller.jpg

For the truly security-conscious, the 1M Hauly Heist bag includes a removable inner pouch constructed as a Faraday cage to block RFID signals such as those generated by electronics or the tracking devices in some bank straps or bundles. The pouch reflects and absorbs radio signals, making surveillance much more difficult. Such security comes at a price, of course. The 1M Hauly sells for $220, the D3 Traveller for $985. The Hauly Heist and its extra security goes for $720.

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