How democratizing access helps retailers like Burberry become trusted partners

The following ideas are excerpted from our Future of Retail 2016 report, designed to arm brands with the tools necessary to create and execute a truly forward-thinking shopper experience.

“Whether a piece of music, a movie or a car—people prefer access over ownership. Rather than show off through physical goods, like previous generations, customers today are expressing their identities through shareable and unique, experiences” Stuffocation author James Wallman, told PSFK.

Digital interactions have opened up the floodgates for how a consumer can experience a brand. Building off of the low cost and availability of digital technologies brands can open the door for consumers to take advantage of services and experiences that were previously too exclusive or expensive. By leveraging emerging technologies to immerse customers in a product offering or enabling one-to-one personalization at scale, brands can offer high-touch, premium services that open up experiences to consumers with a product and staff as never before.

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