The Next Stop in Home Security: A Lightbulb With a Memory

The Next Stop in Home Security: A Lightbulb With a Memory

Wireless bulb memorizes your movements for a good reason

Eva Recinos
  • 28 january 2016

Smart technology in the home can make things more convenient—but it can also make homes safer. ComfyLight hopes to make use of this potential, creating a lightbulb that discourages burglars .

The wireless lightbulb screws on like a regular bulb. It syncs with an app on user’s phone and begins keeping track of regular movements. When a user walks into a room, the system automatically switches lights on and then turns them off when the user leaves.

As co-founder Stefanie Turber explains on ComfyLight’s Kickstarter video, the lighting system “acts like you’re home by turning the light on and off and it recognizes unexpected movements at your place.”

home security

Once a user leaves his-her home and activates security mode, ComfyLight simulates the user’s patterns of movement and switches lights on and off to mirror them. While away from home, users can keep track of activity through an app on your phone—and see if ComfyLight detected something unusual.

“If ComfyLight senses unexpected movement while you’re out, ComfyLight would notify you on your phone through the app and it starts flashing in your house to warn neighbors,” Turber states in the video.

home security

From the outside, the flashing lights would definitely catch someone’s attention as they flicker quickly enough to not look like someone is just playing with the switches. Once ComfyLight resorts to this emergency mode, users can also see exactly what area seemed suspicious by looking at their app.

At the time of writing, ComfyLight’s Kickstarter surpassed its goal of $54,000 by raising more than $84,000.


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