Lunchbox Makes Your Prepared Meals More Speedy and Enticing

Lunchbox Makes Your Prepared Meals More Speedy and Enticing

Container set combines with an app to help motivate you to pack lunches

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 25 january 2016

When you get home from a long day at work, spending time with family or watching your favorite show on Netflix often wins out over the nagging voice in your head telling you to prepare your lunch for the next day. Prepd, a “smart lunchbox” that combines a collection of modular containers with a recipe app tailored to your needs, wants to change your lunchtime go-to choice by helping you prepare healthful meals instead.


Prepd offers help with the planning and preparation of those meals, as well as a way to keep track of their nutritional value, according to its creators. The lunchbox’s removable, clear containers fit together in multiple ways within the main Prepd case, or Prepd Pack, since many of those who are intrigued by the Prepd concept will likely want to vary their meal choices and make use of the accompanying app’s recipe collection.


The containers are all food-safe and leak-proof, according to their designers.

The team behind Prepd worked with professional nutritionists and chefs to create a collection of recipes that will suit different dietary restrictions and preferences. As a bonus, the recipes are designed to allow you to prepare food that will fit easily within the lunchbox’s modular containers.


The Prepd app, which will be available for Android and iOS, will also curate your grocery shopping list based on the recipes you’re interested in trying during a given week and will give you access to relevant nutritional information.


Prepd also aims to help you go a step beyond calorie counting in your dietary goals—the app connects with HealthKit on iOS, which allows users to view their dietary information along with other health and fitness data, such as how many steps they’re taking in an average day, all in one virtual location.

Some might be skeptical that the tool will convert those who’ve tried packing their lunches and still ending up buying a sandwich from a cafe instead, but the Prepd app hopes to combat this by offering meal plans that make it more efficient for users to cook multiple meals at once, letting them prepare a week’s worth of lunches in one cooking session.


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