Vibrating Gas Pedals Help Drivers React Intuitively

Vibrating Gas Pedals Help Drivers React Intuitively

The haptic feedback driving system that saves fuel consumption

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 january 2016

Bosch has designed an active gas pedal that helps drivers make more informed choices through haptic feedback. This new kind of interaction between the vehicle and the driver is based on data connection technology that continuously provides information from various sources.

Signals are delivered to drivers, prompting them to push down or ease off, which allows them to intuitively correct driving behavior. Knocking, vibration, or counterpressure from the gas pedal means drivers don’t need to glance at the cockpit display and they feel more confident in different traffic situations.

Gentle vibration can lighten pressure on the gas pedal, which allows drivers to reduce fuel consumption by as much as seven percent. Start-stop coasting can also help save fuel as Bosch estimates that the engine can be stopped while still moving on 30 percent of all journeys and the gas pedal could be set to alert drivers when it was a good time to use coasting mode.


The active gas pedal can make cars safer by connecting with a series of assistance systems. For example, it can work with collision warning systems to create a vibrating signal warning drivers not to accelerate. The type and force of haptic feedback can be tailored to different automakers’ specifications with a simple change to software settings.


Bosch’s pedal can also be coupled with navigation systems or cameras that recognize speed limit signs to warn drivers of possible dangers. Haptic feedback can let them know if they are approaching a sharp bend at too high a speed. If they exceed the speed limit, the gas pedal will vibrate or exert counter-pressure.

Internet connectivity opens up even more possibilities, with connected cars enabling the active gas pedal to pass on warnings about dangerous hazards along the planned route such as wrong-way drivers, unexpected congestion, and crossing traffic.


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