Phone Case Obstructs You From Mindless Scrolls

Phone Case Obstructs You From Mindless Scrolls
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Smartphones are making us dumb—might dumb cases make us smart again?

Eva Recinos
  • 28 january 2016

Many phone cases in the market today put the emphasis on protection, design and practicality. Few of these models focus on actually taking away the usability of a phone, instead emphasizing the phone’s best aesthetic and practical features. But Dumb Phone Case wants to do just that. With the tagline “Be a Normal Human Again,” the team stands behind the philosophy that smartphones are making humans dumb—so dumb cases can make them smart again.

The name also comes from the concept of turning a smartphone into a dumb phone. The case sits over the screen of a phone, stopping the owner from using it for anything other than making a phone call.


The phone case essentially covers a phone with an outline that lets a user’s fingers reach the keypad numbers and home screen button. However, when a user tries to to click on an app or scroll through the screen’s menu, the case avoids any touch contact. Because the outlines of the buttons do not line up with the layout of the home menu, the user can’t open the usual apps that serve as endless distractions.

Similar solutions have been created by other teams, including a fake phone called the NoPhone that replaces your usual smartphone with a piece of plastic. Dumb Phone Case is perhaps a less extreme step for those wanting to curb their phone addiction.

At the moment, interested users can download and 3D print the Dumb Phone Case. Currently, the file is customized for the iPhone 6 with versions for the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5 coming in the near future. If the company receives enough demand, it might also create templates for Android phones.

Dumb Phone Case

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